We are convinced that practice must not be limited to the curriculum and necessarity limited hours spent with the tutor and focusing on the mandatory photographic subjects. We strongly believe that free practice in both studio and darkroom constitutes a necessary element of photographic education and that this should include both own work and first commercial assignments. This is why, as the only school in Northern Poland we are located in a single building with all our facilities in one place. This enables us to offer a wide range of classes facilitating students’ individual development and, first of all, enables us to offer free and unlimited access to both studio and darkrooms for students own work which is not limited to school assignments but may include any project the student feels worth doing. We are the only school offering free access to the studio and labs six days a week, from morning till late hours at night.

Starting in August 2014, our premises are located in Gdynia Orłowo, at 34 Wierzbowa Street. In a free standing three storey building we will have at our disposal a lectue hall which can also beused as an extra studio, a proper studio of 28 square metres and seven meters of length, two darkrooms (one for silver gelatin and one for alternative processes photography) as well as a computer lab and an office. The computer lab is equipped with 10 PC’s with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and 19″ calibraded LCD monitors. We also offer access to our libraty with a wide range of most important photographic titles in both Polish and English.
Our students can also freely use medium and large format cameras with a range of optics as well as camera bodies of film SLR’s of all leading manufacturers. The latter can also be borrowed from the school with no extra charges.

In its premises TSF has at the students’ disposal:

  • a lecture hall for 30 students, equipped with a PC and a projector
  • a fully equippe photographic studio (9 monoblock flash lights with a full range of modifiers, as well a light meters and all
  • other necessary studio equipment including paper and propylene backgrounds)
  • a darkroom equipped with 5 enlargers including a large format (9x12cm) Magnitaurus enlarger, a professional wet table and drum drier for FB papers. Chemicals necessary for black and white photography are available.
  • a darkroom designed for alternative photographic processes including wetplate collodion.
  • a computer lab with 10 PC’s with calibrated 19″ LCD monitors and image editing software as well as a film scanner.

In addition to the above our students can also use:

  • film cameras with a wide range of optics including medium and large format
  • a well stocked libreary with a wide range of publications on photography and image edition as well as the most popular
  • photographic magazines in Polish and English.
  • In the shots below you can see our current, smaller premises in Sopot.
  • Photographs from the new location will be included in August after we have moved.