We are a group of schools offering modern teaching methods with special focus on practical application of the skills acquired. Thanks to combining theory and practical work under supervision of a team of experienced instructors we guarantee a balanced development of practical photographic skills and theoretical knowledge. At the heart of the Tricity School of Photography there is a school of photography supervised by

the Ministry of Culture (registration number 508/11/2008). The graduates get a professional title of visual artist with specialty “photographer“. The classes are taught both during weekdays and weekends, depending on course organization (evening and weekend schools). Apart from the two year school TSF operates a yearly Studium of Artistic Photography covering the same programme as the first year

 of the weekend school without giving the formal qualification as photographer as well as a yearly Studium of Professional Photographyfocussing on the practical, technical aspects of photography. The Studium of Professional Photography commences after the winter break while all the other courses start in October. Starting in the school year 2014-15 we have also opened…




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Gniew – Beauty Unknown

Gniew – Beauty Unknown

We would like to invite you to a photographic exhibition by Radosław Brzozowski in Coffeeheaven Cafeteria in Klif…